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Western Digital launches new Velociraptor

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Today (yes, this IS fresh news, even I can’t believe it!) Western Digital announced the shipping of the new Velociraptor drives with the slogan “The world’s fastest SATA hard drive now has twice the capacity”.

Velociraptor 2.5"
Velociraptor 2.5″

The new Velociraptors actually come in two flavors – 450GB and 600GB. MSRP for ’em are $299 and $329 respectively. Features are: SATA3, 10000 rpm, 2.5″ size (3.5″ available too), 32MB cache.

Velociraptor 3.5"
Velociraptor 3.5″

You can view the original press release here.

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