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Full Version: BIOS problem
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Having a problem with a notebook computer.
The system was booting and running up until yesterday when turning it on it displays the manufacturer logo screen displaying options to load the bios setup as usual, however after this the screen goes black with just the bios setup option displayed. I tried to load the BIOS setup but it would not load.

Can anyone help?

System info:
HP nc6220
BIOS Version Hewlett-Packard 68DTU Ver. F.13, 27/02/2007
Pentium M @ 2.13GHz
512Mb RAM
Not being able to even access the BIOS setup indictes a severe hardware failure, typically the motherboard or even the bios itself. The bios rarely goes belly up unless someone attempts to flash it improperly. Are you getting any beep sounds? Has the system recently been running hot?

Usually, on a loptop, the first things to die are the hard drive and the graphics chip. Can you pull and test the hard drive on another system? Also try removing the battery.
If nothing you do allows you to get into the bios, it's time for a new laptop.

After you exhaust every effort to get into the bios, the only option left is to tear it apart. By then you've conceded that it's probably beyond repair and you're basically having fun seeing what's inside, but you never know, you could put it back together and get lucky.