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windows 7 review
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I am Using XP from many years. Recently i converted my OS into ubuntu. Too many friends of mine saying to install windows 7. It is very fast and reliable. But i heard the drivers and updates are not available for each and every software...

what should i do??
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Hello My Friend, I have been using Windows 7 since the early beta days, and I find it to be the best OS that Microsoft has offered.

I use the x64 version, and this would be best if your system has the hardware for it.

I have installed the x86 version on a system with 1 GB of memory and it ran reasonably well.

I have installed the Retail version on several systems, and had one audio driver issue. I had to go to Realtek to locate the audio driver.

I would suggest running the Windows 7 upgrade program and it will tell you what will run and what will not. Some of my programs that ran on XP would not run on Win7.

I would recommend Win7, if your system has the hardware to support it.

Hope this helps.
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I'm not a fan of this either, there are loads of other benches to test performance. In fact, have a look at the Nuclearus thread, that's always good for testing multi-threaded performance, and also the wprime thread too.

We could also get a PCMark Vantage thread going, that gives you probably the best overall Idea of system performance.

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