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Top 10 Google Chrome features to boost your productivity
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1. Ultimate browser speed
2. Integrated search into address bar
3. New tab opens with your favorite links and most visited pages
4. Get most of your screen
5. One-click bookmarks with categorizing
6. Shortcuts to web apps
7. Offline mode based on Google Gears
8. Tabs management
9. Independent processes for opened tabs
10. Incognito mode sss

Original post by clabthomas

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Adblock Plus makes surfing a lot less annoying. And I have the plugin Xmarks to sync my bookmarks and passwords across my computers. I got a dictionary add-on which help me bigtime when typing in my own language (yea I actually find that harder than english). Greasemonkey for using scripts in firefox... If firefox slows down your computer then it is time to stop being cheap and buy a decent computer.
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Did you read the online comic about chrome? Awesome!
I love Google. Shall I count the ways?
1. Your adaptation of a large number to show your near infinite capability and love.
2. Your user friendliness
3. Your almost government like abilities to watch and spy on me o_0
4. Your various applications.
5. your constant strives to help increase my productivity
6. Your ability to right what's wrong with Microsoft
7. Your open-source coding
8. Your Freeware
9. Awesome logo (can you get any better than Chromes? It's a pokeball, mixed with firefox logo, mixed with a rainbow-ish thingy)
10. Your Merciless aquisition of companies to diversify your market
11. Your built in calculator in Google search
12. Your ability to use search suggestions as a spell checker
13. Your ability to help me to search for more reasons to love you
I love Google! I love Chrome! I love Gmail, Google voice, Google Docs, Google Calender (with txt alerts), Google EVERYTHING! I want a Google OS; I want Google for president!!!!

EDIT: Google does have a Chrome OS(squee), Chromium, it's linux based and is built for use on Netbooks and Laptops mostly but can be used on desktops. It's still in development stages and is open source so you can submit apps to them. Here's the

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I prefer FF these days.
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