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Password issue
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I have a Dell Insperion 1525 that I use at college and I set a password that I don't remember. Also a "friend" destroyed the disks that came with the system. Here's what happens when I turn on the machine. After the DELL screen where it shows the bar at the bottom filling in from left to right and under the bar it has the BIOS version, with the F-2 and F12 key functions at the top, the next screen I get is a plain Dell screen that says the computer is protected with a password and cannot be accessed until I enter the password. Then is says on the same screen "Enter your system or Administrator password. After 4 attempts the system shuts down.

I downloaded a free "password reset" program that doesn't work because the system doesn't recognize the CD as a boot CD.

Bottom line here is what's next? How can I get into my system? Any thoughts?

Can I remove the "Coin Cell" battery that controlls the CMOS functions and will that erase the password?

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