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Difference between anti virus and firewall?
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I have problem regarding antivirus and firewall. I installed avg antivirus on my pc, but virus attacked on my system again, somebody told me to install any firewall. I am using cable internet. Can anyone help me with the difference between anti virus and firewall? Thanks in advance.
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Both a good firewall and good anti virus/malware/spyware software work together to protect your system from unwanted intrusion. The firewall is the gatekeeper. It monitors all the traffic coming and going on your system and flags or blocks any traffic that is unauthorized or suspicious. The firewall is the first line of defense and controls access to ports on the system.

If your bad surfing habits or dangerous curiosity with that unknown email attachment that you just can't resist openning, allows something malicious into your system, then you best have good internal protection with good anti virus/malware/spyware software that will detect and eliminate the threat.

I've not really found 3rd party firwall software to be a necessity. If you have xp, vista, or win7, then the OS firewall is adequate in most cases.

For the antivirus, Microsoft's free MS Security Essentials is a free download that worsk very well. I also use Avira free antivirus for it's excellent real time monitoring. It will flag dangerous websites and warn of potential surfing threats in real time.

Finally, never open suspicious email attachments. don't let curiosity get the best of you. Just delete them, you may miss an occassional good laugh, but more likely your avoiding a major headache.

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Antivirus gives protection against virus and other malicious agents. Mainly deals with viruses which had already invaded your pc.

The main aim of Firewall is to protect you from security attacks through internet like hacking attacks.
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- An anti-virus is useful for detect virus and then remove that virus.
- An anti-virus is one kind of Software.

- A firewall's basic task is to control traffic between computer networks with different zones of trust.
- A firewall's is One Types of Gatway.
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The antivirus software consists of computer programs that attempt to identify, prevent and eliminate computer viruses and other malware.
A firewall is an information technology (IT) security device which is configured to permit, deny or proxy data connections set and configured to the organization's safety policy. Firewalls can be hardware and / or software based.
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Antivirus and firewall both different concept, but both protects your computer against virus. Antivirus generally used to protect your computer from viruses, while firewall protects your computer against unauthorized access via network / Internet, such as piracy.
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Firewalls are programs that attempt to block threats and unwanted access to a network. and
Anti virus programs are software packages designed to scan the registry and files on the computer itself for the activity of malicious programs, and then attempt to remove any threats it finds.

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Fire walls and ant viruses are two different elements that provide different services. The firewall is installed in the software, but they have different functions. Each time you buy an anti virus program make sure it has a firewall, or it's just a loss of purchasing software. These days all anti-virus has firewall.

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Antivirus is something that protects computers and laptops, or any other database, trojans and viruses that can enter the database and destroy all of your important files stored.Firewalls have filters that filter all the information and transmit it on your computer while browsing on the Internet.

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A firewall is a program that is located between you and the Internet, analyze the incoming and outgoing traffic, trying to block threats to your security. It is mainly looking for hacker attacks. As long as your Internet connection is open it is like an open door to hackers. A good firewall makes your PC will not be visible most of the hackers. If they can not see you, they can not break in.
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